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Fantasia for 'Cello Alone

Fantasia for 'Cello Alone is a compostion by the British composer Richard Gwilt from 2002. 

In 2011 'cellist Detmar Leertouwer played the world premiere performance in Bogotá, Colombia.
In 2016 he subsequently recorded the 'Fantasia' in the beautiful setting of the Nijsinghhuis in Eelde in the North of the Netherlands. The neo-baroque or neo-classical wall paintings of the Nijsingh Mansion are the most natural background for this extraordinary new piece of music with a baroque gesture.

Read the blog 3 entry about the creation of this recording.

Click or tap on the image above to view the trailer.

Click or tap on the image above to view the trailer.

Details of the Nijsinghhuis.

Details of the Nijsinghhuis.