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Blog 1: 

Interview Duo Rueda/Leertouwer about their Beethoven Project.

DdM: Please tell us about how you first met.
ER: We met in the Spring of 2013 at a contemporary music event at the Los Andes University more.   

26th November 2014 by Don Felix del Mar.


Blog 2:

Interview with Detmar Leertouwer about Bach, Vasks and Sculthorpe

DdM: Yesterday you performed three Brahms sonatas, tomorrow you will play 5 Beethoven sonatas and on Wednesday you will play a solo concert. Please, tell us some more!

DL: I know what you mean, it seems a sort of more.

2nd December 2014 by Don Felix del Mar.


Blog 3

Blog about 'Fantasia for 'Cello Alone' by Richard Gwilt upon its upcoming release.

MAS: Before we get to the first recording, actually video recording of the 'Fantasia', please tell us about the start of this wonderful project. How did you get in touch with the music?
DL: Well, it all started with a Matthäus more.

31st of December 2016 by María Alejandra Solana.